WENDY STUART, BSN, RN, RYT-200, AYURVEDIC PRACTIONER, OWNER  OF THE YOGA LOFT MARINETTE. I graduated from Bellin College of Nursing in 1998. Over the past 20 years I worked with women and children and families in the community with an emphasis on prevention. I found when going through my own trials and tribulations that Yoga and Ayurveda offered healing that I found nowhere else. This is when it became clear that I needed to add these ancient wisdoms to my practice as a healer, coach, and nurse. I graduated from Kanykumari School of Yoga and Ayurveda in 2016 and am registered with the Yoga Alliance. I studied and trained as an Ayurvedic Health Coach with Cate Stillman founder of The Yoga Healer from 2015-17. I have been teaching yoga for 5 years. I opened The Yoga Loft in 2016 because I felt that a sacred safe space was critical to the path. I help people architect lifestyles that promote health, energy, and wellbeing. 

Email: wendy.stuart@outlook.com

Location: 1712 Dunlap Square, Marinette

Offerings: Weekly yoga classes, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching, Meditation, Cleansing and Detox Guidance



BECKY HOLM, BS Chemistry, RYT-200 I have been practicing yoga regularly since 2012. I originally went to my first yoga class to help handle stress, but discovered so many other benefits to yoga on my journey. I decided to start my 200 hour yoga teacher training in February of 2017 to enhance my own practice and be able to share the gift of yoga with others. I received my yoga teacher training at Empower Yoga, Appleton, WI.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was a freshman in high school and had more flare ups as I got into my twenties. In 2012 I was having a lot of pain, digestion issues, low energy, couldn't sleep through the night, and a lot of resulting stress. I had heard from my sister that yoga could do a lot for managing stress so I decided to go to a yoga class. I was so amazed at how calm and happy I felt after that I continued to attend regularly. I also met other people in the yoga community and learned how to change my diet to help manage my disease better. The messages and themes in the yoga classes also spoke to my heart and encouraged me to be more positive in life.

The longer I practiced yoga the more I fell in love with it. I knew I wanted to be able to share yoga with others and help them be the best version of themselves. I also want people who have gastrointestinal and autoimmune disease to know they are not alone and yoga can definitely help them. There are studies that have shown how a regular yoga practice has improved immunity, anxiety, depression, IBS, and much more. I hope to be of service to people in our yoga community who have a desire to learn. 

My teaching style is to first provide a safe place for people to come together to breathe, practice the asana (poses) and be present to truly experience yoga. I use music to calm the mind and to create moments of fun and flow. I like to keep my class light and positive and to invoke a smile along the way. I enjoy giving hand on assists, not necessarily to correct but to help the student melt into the pose deeper. Namaste

Email: totalfitnessandyoga@gmail.com

Location: 1712 Dunlap Square, Marinette, WI

Offerings: Weekly yoga, Workshops and Private Coaching

KALYANI GRASSO RYT 200: I began practicing yoga at 10 when my mother and aunt dragged us kids to yoga class as a way to let off steam over the holidays. Having grown up in India this was normal as was practicing yoga in school during gym class. I only discovered the benefits of a regular yoga practice in my early 20's after finding the perfect teacher at a yoga studio within walking distance of my parents home.  This yoga was a simple stripped down hatha yoga, which includes emphasis on breathing and sensitivity to one's own needs and abilities. This yoga continues to dominate my practice. I go "back home" to this studio in Bangalore every other year to continue to enrich my practice.

KELLY GARRIGAN is a certified life coach, yoga instructor and Reiki Practioner who has a passion for helping women discover their purpose and live the life of their dreams. Through her own journey, she has discovered strategies to stay strong and empowered through the turbulent times in her life. Kelly describes herself as a lifelong learner who looks for ways to grow professionally and personally. Along with her academic studies at the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, she has studied yoga, meditation, and energy work. Kelly teaches and coaches from the heart, offering a space centered in love and acceptance, providing her clients a safe environment to explore their own personal journey. Along with individual coaching, Kelly leads workshops that build community and deepen learning on various topics.




Vanessa V. Vincent, BA-FCS, Yoga Instructor. I graduated from Stevens Point University with a Bachelors in Youth Child & Family studies with an emphasis in communications. In the past I have taught Nutrition Education through Americorps, and Yoga at a community center. I am currently taking classes for a second degree studying nutrition.

My passion for wellness grew as I made progress with my own health issues. Diagnosed at a young age with Rheumatoid arthritis and unable to move without pain, my life was put on hold. But my experience opened up the world of health, & wellness using yoga as a tool. I went on to receive my Instructor certification in 2016 through YogaFit. It is my goal to help others on their own personal journey through the healing of Yoga, and wellness. 

Email: nessv3@gmail.com