February 2, 9, 16, and 23

Four week introduction to yoga for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of yoga. Alignment, sequence, and breath. These classes make an excellent supplement for beginning practitioners. When you embody what you learn in these classes, you will practice more intelligently, more safely, and with refined awareness of the internal forms.

Guide: Wendy Stuart



Workshops with Kelly 

An ongoing workshop that covers different methods of mediation to help you create the life you love! 


Meditation Basics 

Practice different methods of meditation to see what fits for you. 

Discover how thoughts and emotions affect your body. 

Bring awareness to habitual behavior patterns and learn how to shift into the present moment. 

Breathwork exercises to create stronger energy flow. 

Visualization to create a new future. 

Each month, teachings will have a core teaching which will be determined prior-look for details on The Yoga Loft Facebook page. 

February-Heart Coherance 

March-Blessing the Energy Centers 

April- New Potentials-The Quantum Field 

May-Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind 

Your Guide-Kelly Garrigan


usui/holy fire ii, reiki i & ii placement

Reiki - A Japanese technique used for deep relaxation that promotes healing.

This training will be over 2 day weekend intensive. All information and techniques for both levels will be covered.

Saturday March 23 and March 24

10am to 4 p.m.

Guide: Kelly Garrigan