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Mastery of the Force Fall Retreat 2018

Women's retreats that explore and awaken the super hero powers within.

September 27th - September 30th, 2018

There is a force within you--A super hero power that you carry, that is just waiting to be awakened, so that you can use it to shine your light out in the world. 

Join us on our fall 2018 retreat where you will be given the chance to explore the force within you.

You ask, "Should I take this time?"  And, we answer:

This time will provide yoga and meditation, enabling you to quiet the mind and body, moving inward so that you can hear your inner voice. 

This time will offer you wisdom in the form of workshops to grow and expand your thoughts, helping you to bring home new ways of being.

This time will bring new connections and you will surround yourself with a tribe of women who, like you, are looking for ways to be stronger in the world.

This time will let you unplug from the outside world and provide valuable space for self-reflection, determining what you want to take with you into 2019 and what you want to leave behind.

This time will give you the opportunity to nurture your mind body and soul with abhyanga massage, Reiki session and/or-one-on-one coaching sessions.

This time will establish deep connections: with your soul sisters, with yourself and with the Divine.

Now, we ask, "Are you not worthy to take this time?"

Self Investment-$489


  • 3 night shared lodging
  • 3 meals daily
  • Morning and evening yoga classes
  • Daily Meditation
  • 3 Workshops
  • Gift Bag
  • Nature trails for walking
  • New Connections
  • Time for self-reflection, reading and/or writing
  • A new way of viewing the world and your life
  • Discovery of the force within you
  • Naming of your super hero persona

Additional  offerings:

  • Abhyanga Massage
  • Reiki Sessions
  • One-on-one coaching sessions.

Where is this happening?

Golden Light Healing Retreat Center -Sobieski WI

Nestled among 15 acres of fields, prairies and forests, Golden Light Healing Retreat Center offers an oasis of peace and healing.  The land has an energy that instantly draws your senses inward helping you to connect to your inner self where you can draw upon the deep seeded wisdom that lies within.


Schedule some soul time and mark your calender--We would be honored to guide you on this journey xo


Refund Policy-50% refund 30 days prior to the retreat. No refunds given after August 27th, 2018.