Reiki is Japanese relaxation technique that works with the subtle energies of the body. These energies, also known as Prana or Chi, can get blocked due to physical and/or emotional traumas or illness. As this energy system is out of balance, a person for the vital energy needed to nourish the body.

Reiki sessions can help to release blockages and return the body, mind and spirit to a healthy, vibrant, operating system.

Many people who have experienced a Reiki session say they feel more relaxed, pain has subsided and they are able to let of negative behavior patterns. Often times, Reiki is a catalyst for major life changes.

Areas where Reiki can help

· Healing on a mental/emotional level

· Decrease in inflammation of the body

· Reduced anxiety and stress

· Increased immune response

· Faster addiction recovery

· Overall wellbeing and peace

· Decreased pain in the body

· Faster recovery from surgery

Usui Holy Fire II Reiki

$25 Intro session

$65 Single session

$150 4 sessions